JMP Logistic
PT. EMKL JAKARTA MAJU PUSAKA, Jl. Semper Kebantenan No. 22, Tanjung Priok, Jakarta 14130 Tlp. : 021 4404633; Fax : 021-4400303 , INDONESIA
About Us



Our Vision and Mission


The logistic company that cares with Total Serve for Logistic Company


Ensuring everyone connected with JMP will benefit good service

Providing all logistical services in One Stop Services.
Why JMP Logistic ?

Our Area of Expertise

JMP’s services are related to its expertise as custom brokerage for land, sea freight and airfreight. 

JMP is capable in handling consolidator L.C.L. group page container activity in its own warehouse.

JMP provides technical assistant as well in customer’s custom troubled consignee.


Our Culture

1. Commitment.

We are committed to the Company’s vision, mission, culture and success for.As a commiitee and do my  work properly and quickly.

2.  Responsibility.

We are fully responsible and have sense of belonging of all the action in employment

We change prior to changing circumstances around us become a better one.

3.  Integrity

We are fully dedicated physically and spiritually to achieve common progress.

We will provide customers exactly what we promise with honesty.  

We will promptly correct an error if it occurs

Whatever happens should be reported clearly for the interest of the company.

4.  Service

We will always say thank you and give appreciation to all partners and customers with positive thinking, calm, gladness, care, full attention and continuous smiles.

Service is part of my life.                                   

5. Communication

We will always speak positively to other teams, consumers, and suppliers, and I will not speak without facts.

We are responsible for my speech completely and always greet everyone with his or her name.

6. System

We will always adapt the established system, if there are dissimilarities that do not fit with it; the system is still implemented until the new one set up.

We always update the systems for the future developments.

7.  Consistent .

We always learn from our mistakes and take consistent actions, then consumers and work teams can feel safe and sound. We are discipline in our works; consequently they will grow rapidly and consistently successful.

8. Teamwork

We are team players and leaders. We will make every effort together to achieve the Company’s objectives.

9. Success

We will fully focus our mind, energy and attention on the Company’s success.

10. The best.

We will always give good services with the motto "TOTAL serve" and a quality that is very valuable for the future.

We are looking for ways to do the best, step by step and never stop in the change.

11. Joy

We perceive our life journey as the one that we have to enjoy with, and always create an atmosphere of fun and happiness; therefore our surrounding neighbors will always feel it.

12. Balance

We have balance in life, considering that the spiritual, social, physical and family aspects are as significant as financial.

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